After spending a few weeks preparing a beautiful family home in Dundee for sale, Life/Edit is delighted to announce it is sale-ready and about to go on the market. It may seem strange to spend money on a property when it’s about to be sold, but the way houses look when we live in them is different from how they need to look when they are up for sale. Spending around 1% of a property’s asking price can totally transform your selling power. This property has gone from a lived-in family home to polished perfection.
After Zoe has worked her magic…
…and before
Zoë Berry

Zoë Berry

Owner @ Life/Edit

I love working with people to change their homes for the better. What I do is not about achieving minimalism, it’s about listening to my clients and assisting them in getting where they want to be; whether it’s preparing a nursery for a new baby, changing the function of a room, sorting out a wardrobe or tackling that dreaded cupboard under the stairs.


Zoë Berry

Life / Edit
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About Zoë

As a busy mum of three small children I know how quickly homes can become cluttered and stressful.

With my friendly, positive approach, together we can make your home a happy place where everything is where it should be.