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As a busy working mum of three small children, I empathise hugely with people who find their homes have become cluttered and simply don’t have time to sort them out. Whether it’s a cupboard that needs tidying out, a pile of paperwork that needs to be filed and organised or a toy sort-out before a child’s birthday, these things tend to make us feel stressed out and guilty for not getting around to them. And that’s where I come in.

I love working with people to change their homes for the better. What I do is not about achieving minimalism, it’s about listening to my clients and assisting them in getting where they want to be; whether it’s preparing a nursery for a new baby, changing the function of a room, sorting out a wardrobe or tackling that dreaded cupboard under the stairs.

I am friendly, sympathetic, and totally non-judgemental.

Zoë Berry

“I absolutely loved working with Zoë.  She helped me to organise my kitchen/playroom and children’s bedrooms.  I hated the mess of kids’ toys and endless clutter, and she was able to help me not only find a better way to organise everything, but also helped me to really see what I could finally let go of.”



Putting you at ease

People are sometimes nervous before they invite me into their homes – totally understandably – imagining that I am going to judge them and their homes. I often get asked ‘am I the worst you have ever seen?’ However, after a cuppa and a chat, people realise I am just a normal mum who happens to love creating organised spaces.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been the same – my mum used to give me 50p per kitchen cupboard I tidied (my fees have gone up a bit since then!) it’s just something I relish.

Staging & Interiors

In terms of home staging and interiors, I have lots of experience in doing up flats and houses for sale, and have a keen eye for décor and how to make the most from a space. I did all the interior design myself when my husband and I built our own home (converted a church into a family home.) This really honed my skills and our house has been featured in both Build It and 25 Beautiful Homes magazines. It recently won an award.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly we managed to sort through everything, clean the space and reorganise what I was keeping.

A job that would have seemed daunting and difficult and taken me hours and hours was done quickly and easily. Thank you, Zoë!”




Zoë Berry

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About Zoë

As a busy mum of three small children I know how quickly homes can become cluttered and stressful.

With my friendly, positive approach, together we can make your home a happy place where everything is where it should be.