Zoë can help you get organised in so many ways. Whether you need help in making your home work better for you or want to improve the way it looks, Zoë provides the service you need.

Life Change

Do you want to change the function of a room in your home?

Are you about to have a baby? Do you need to change your spare room into a nursery?

Have your children moved out and you want to change and update how you use your home?

Does your space need to be reorganised because you have recently moved in with a partner?

Have you moved on from a relationship and you want your house to reflect that?

Whatever is happening in your life, I can help you. With my experience and keen eye, I can help you to change your home to reflect who you are right now, work with you on home décor and arrange storage solutions to suit.


How do you feel about your wardrobe? Is it ordered and tidy or is it full of clothes that you know don’t fit and that you don’t want to wear? Opening the doors to a well-organised wardrobe is a great way to start the day. When we go through your wardrobe together, we will sort your clothes into the following categories: keep; sell; give to charity and give to friends/family.

By identifying what you have in your wardrobe and what you don’t need any more, we create a system where you only have clothes that fit you and you like to wear. Afterwards you will be left with a wardrobe with everything in its place containing easy-to-see, accessible clothes. I take away any clothes we have bagged up for charity, so you are not left with any further jobs when I leave.


So many people have a paperwork problem in their homes, especially if they work from home. We are inundated with letters, bills, official documents and sometimes it all feels too much. What should we keep and what can we shred? If we have our bank statements online do we need to keep them in paper copy as well? I can help you to create an easy-to-maintain very simple filing system where you will know where everything is and be able to immediately access what you need.

The same goes for computers: if a cluttered desktop, disordered folders and far too many emails are making you feel stressed out, I can help with that too. I can work together with you to tidy up your screen, create organised folders and only keep what you need to.

Children's Rooms

Children’s rooms can be a real cause of clutter and chaos. It can sometimes feel as though it’s a never-ending task to stay on top of all of the toys, constantly tidying and never getting anywhere. As a mum of three young children myself, I can hugely identify with this feeling. I am a firm believer in a toy clear-out at various points during the year.

Too many toys and too much mess leads to you and your children being overwhelmed by all their ‘stuff’ and ultimately the kids don’t play with their toys properly anymore because they simply don’t see what they have. I can work together with you to clear the toy mountain, work out what you want to keep, what can go away to be brought out at another time, what can go to charity or family and friends. Afterwards the room will look so much better and the children will feel a renewed interest in their toys. I take all the toys for charity away for you so that you are free to enjoy your calmer space with your children.

Moving house and home staging for sale

Moving home is regularly claimed to be one of the most stressful time of a person’s life. So it’s great news that I can help you…. whether it’s decluttering before sale, so that you don’t move with things you don’t need to or packing up boxes – it’s all part of the service.

I also help you to ‘home stage’ your house when you put it on the market. Although it may at first seem strange to spend money on improving a property which you are going to move out of, in fact, the way a house looks when we live in it day-to-day is very different from how a house needs to look when it goes up for sale.

Often buyers cannot see past clutter, personal items and outdated décor. I will help to declutter your home to create space, streamline and de-personalise your belongings so that the buyer can imagine themselves in your home. I make sure each room has a clear function and the whole house appeals to the widest range of potential buyers in the local property market. Life/Edit has partnerships with numerous painters and decorators, handymen, builders and plumbers, so should the house require decoration/DIY, I will work with tradespeople on your behalf to achieve this.


Zoë Berry

Life / Edit
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About Zoë

As a busy mum of three small children I know how quickly homes can become cluttered and stressful.

With my friendly, positive approach, together we can make your home a happy place where everything is where it should be.

“Zoë is like a fairy godmother through what was an incredibly sensitive process. She helps with energy and kindness and then takes away all your rubbish! The practical help was amazing but the emotional help when coming across sentimental and sometimes painful items in the packing was worth every penny for the help received.”


Little France

“Zoë came along and helped me to sort through it all with a kind, friendly, fun and empathetic manner. It definitely helps that she is a mum, too – she understands how difficult it is to let go of things, whilst working out the best way to keep the special items.”